Cancellation policy

Warranty and statute of limitations

(1) Based on the performance of services are exclusively the performance characteristics and the scope of services agreed in writing. The customer (creator of the advertisement) must check the services immediately after receipt and report any defects to Auslandskarriere immediately. If he fails to do so, the services shall be deemed to have been provided free of defects.

(2) Auslandskarriere will first attempt to fulfill its obligation of supplementary performance by rectification of defects. Only if this fails twice can the customer withdraw from the contract or make use of his right to reduce the price.

(3) The customer’s warranty claim does not extend to defects which consist in an only insignificant deviation from the agreed type or in an only insignificant impairment of usability.

(4) All warranty claims are subject to a limitation period of one year. The period of limitation begins at the time when the customer becomes aware of the defect or, in the case of gross negligence, should have become aware of it.

Conclusion of contract

(1) A contractual relationship is established between Auslandskarriere and the customer when the customer registers on

(2) A payment obligation only comes into effect when the customer books fee-based services on The current price list can be found in the “For Employers” or “Job Packages” sections.

(3) The presentation of services and prices on the website constitutes a legally binding offer which the customer accepts in the ordering process by clicking on “Order”.

(4) The offer in the “For Employers” section of is aimed exclusively at tradespeople, companies, authorities, institutions, organizations, independent entrepreneurs and public corporations. Thus a right of revocation is omitted and the entrepreneurial buyer is not entitled to a right of revocation for distance selling.

Termination of contract, blocking of the user account

(1) Both parties to the contract may terminate the contract of use at the end of the respective month without giving reasons. Services already booked but not accepted by the customer will be charged in full.

(2) Auslandskarriere reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice if a customer misuses or damages the services offered.