How to place job ads with us

TipsJob Ads

In order to register with us, simply go to "Job Packages" / "prices" tab in the employer menu and select a suitable job package. Our video below explains this process step-by-step.

How to create banner images

The banner images that we use for our job ads allow you to give the ad a very individual company branding touch. A picture says more than words. After all, job advertisements should convey a good feeling for the potential applicant. In order to ensure that the images correspond to what you have in mind, you should first of all adhere to the dimensions of 1068 pixels for width and 400 pixels for height.

We wanted to take of some of the work and have created a whole folder with 35+ images. All images in this folder already have the correct dimensions for our ads and are licensed under Creative Commons. All images are from unsplash.