Start Internship Opportunity for Journalism and Marketing

    Internship Opportunity for Journalism and Marketing

    What is Hollywood Beauty Magazine?

    We are a glamorous matchmaker between consumers and professionals – a free online magazine, network and community shops for everything beauty related

    There are 3 parts
    1. The magazine with all of the published articles from the members
    2. The network with “friends” and “groups” and posts like facebook
    3. The online store where members can buy or sell products

    Why is it awesome?
    The magazine is awesome because all of the articles are from the members – professionals sharing their expertise, and also real people sharing what works for them
    The network is cool because people can communicate with each other
    Each member has the possibility to sell products in their own HBM online store

    HBM is a team of 17 people outside the US and 3 people in the US. Our office is located at 9000 Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, California.

    The german version of Hollywood Beauty Magazine took about 2 years to build and launched in February of 2018. We hit 1,5 Million Hits in November 2019. The web address is

    Our english version took a little less than a year to build. We are preparing the launch with an extensive advertising campaign and we are looking for interns who want to be an integral part of that launch.

    Curriculum for full time internship:

    Hollywood Beauty Magazine is asking each intern to participate in and contribute to any or all of the following parts of the company:

    1. Writing articles

    To learn time management and how to meet deadlines, we are asking each Intern to write 5 articles a week for the HBM website.

    2. Editing articles

    Our interns have access behind the scenes of the HBM website. They will be provided with the master password and will learn how HBM is built.
    HBM interns are asked to proofread and edit articles written by other people
    All articles must be checked for SEO (search engine optimize)

    3. Advertisement campaign

    A. Composing e-mails in the “Mailchimp” Forum

    HBM has a mailing list of over 50.000 e-mail and mailing addresses and also most popular social media outlet accounts. These addresses are categorized into 5 groups. Each group is receiving an e-mail “Newsletter” twice a week. (10 e-mails need to be created every week)
    Our interns have the opportunity to create these e-mails, write the content, come up with advertisement slogans and let their creativity flow.

    These e-mail newsletters should show:
    A short teaser text to spark the readers interest and motivate them to click to HBM
    Beauty Photos that inspire
    A “sign up” button with a link to the “sign up” page
    A tipp, trick or useful information from the HBM website
    A link to the HBM Network page
    Short description and link to the newest articles
    Individual and different advertisement slogan for each e-mail
    The Logo

    B. Composing personal e-mails to potential sponsors, vendors and new members

    HBM is constantly looking for sponsors, vendors for our shop and new members who would like to write articles.

    Every intern will get their own @HollywoodBeautyMagazine e-mail address with their own name.
    We encourage our interns to contact

    • YouTube Influencers
    • Instagram Influencers
    • potential sponsors for advertisement on HBM Website
    • Fashion designers and schools
    • Nutritionist
    • Wellness and vitamin product companies
    • Fitnesstrainers, Yoga and Pilates studios
    • Make-up artist, skin care – cosmetic studios, day-spa
    • Tanning salons
    • Cosmetic and haircare Product companies
    • Photographer
    • Jewelry maker
    • Authors of “beauty” books
    • Potential online shop vendors
    • Beauty schools, Hair-salons, Hairstylists,

    We would like for every intern to establish business relationships with people who can benefit from HBM.

    4. Corresponding with existing members, vendors and sponsors
    Writing a welcome letter to new members
    Answer questions from members, vendors or sponsor

    5. Social media
    creating new post content
    Posting existing content from the HBM website
    Nursing the account and growing followers
    Trying to direct people from the social media platforms to HBM

    6. Website management and software development

    HBM is constantly changing and getting updated.
    Our interns are encouraged to come up with new ideas and improvements. We will teach our interns how to implement these changes.

    7. App development

    HBM is in the beginning stage of developing an APP – Interns are encouraged to be a part of the app development

    8. Search engine optimization
    All articles must be checked for SEO

    9. Every morning call to discuss curriculum and progress of projects

    The curriculum for a part time internship is looking similar, but appropriately less intense

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