Start Customer Service Agent with German - Free Relocation

    Customer Service Agent with German – Free Relocation

    If there is one thing we are all slowly waking up to realise after being locked down for the last few months is that we are social animals, we love being around friends, we enjoy meeting new people and we socialise like no other animal on the planet. Being confined to our houses has been fine for some but totally miserable for many.

    Students, like you, are also extremely lucky that we get the opportunity to travel and explore new countries and cities before ‘life’ kicks in after University. In Europe we dream of traveling to Asia or Australia and in America people dream of a European city tour. Unfortunately Covid-19 has destroyed these plans and the idea of a gap year is a dream.

    Going to University is one of life’s amazing experiences, but before that there is always an opportunity to take a gap year. I know a lot of you were planning on spending time in Australia through their 1 year travel visa, some work but mostly play. Now, thanks to a global pandemic entirely out of your control, you are facing a nightmare set of questions:

    Stay at home, work in a coffee shop, probably not save any money, live at home and go to University next year.
    Go to University a year early, but with the restrictions in place that may well mean studying from home… and going to University should mean going to University.
    Contact Ryan at #LRPjobs and discuss a year placement working for some of the largest brands in the World in a different city in Europe, while getting paid, learning a new language, meeting new people and having fun.

    For me, your resident writer I know exactly what I would be doing; contacting Ryan!

    But how does this work and how easy is it for me to get a job?

    It’s simple, because you were educated in German you are a desired candidate for our clients… literally our clients want candidates who speak German to a native level to work on customer service desks across their multiple locations in Europe. That’s all, and the desire to learn something new in a new country surrounded by people from all over the World.

    Our roles in Portugal for example, offer you the opportunity to work for 12 months for the likes of Netflix, Asos or Supercell, get paid every 3 weeks, get free accommodation (along with utilities, gas, electric, broadband etc),  free food vouchers, healthcare and travel expenses back to Germany once through your term, all while experiencing a new place, meeting new people and having fun, pretty much what you would be doing through a gap year. Oh and you can also learn the local language as part of the job, totally free and taken from time at work.

    Now the salary isn’t amazing but Australia isn’t cheap either, you would need to save a lot to not work for 12 months but (and this is important) in Portugal, you won’t pay tax so you will take home around €1000 – which is better than working in a coffee shop after tax and your mum’s not demanding you clean your room or take the rubbish out and you certainly won’t be paying German or Australian prices at the bars.

    If you don’t fancy Portugal, there’s always Greece, The Czech Republic, Romania, Poland and soon enough Spain and The Netherlands… all wanting you to work, while experiencing something new, simply because you speak German.

    Do these roles offer you the same experience as travelling through Australia? No, not at all but you’re other option is, you guessed it, a coffee shop. #LRPjobs has the opportunity to give you something new and do something different, other than sit at home waiting and wondering what could have been, if not for a pandemic totally out of your control.

    Remember, the only requirement for this job is that you are a bilingual German speaker, where your English needs to be good enough to read this blog.

    There is opportunity out there for you, we have the means to offer you a fully paid job, which you can put on your CV after University and explain that your proactive approach during rubbish time in the World puts you above the other candidates vying for the role in your dream job.

    Ryan has offers for you now, get in touch with him today to find out more.

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