Start Paid Content Creation Internship in Barcelona, Spain (German speakers)

    Paid Content Creation Internship in Barcelona, Spain (German speakers)

    Our collaborator are specialists in corporate communications. The A team (Together Everyone Achieves More) is looking for a content creator for the German market.  Motivated and passionate about content, come and join us. Training will be provided by people.

    Product & packaging management: You are the main point of contact for the creation, correction, optimisation and management of product and packaging content during its life cycle.
    Semantic analyses: Conduct regular semantic studies to ensure the relevance of content and adapt it to industry-relevant trends.
    Topic research: Exploring and researching topics relevant to the sector to inform content strategies.
    Content development: Developing compelling content to leverage the organisation’s editorial strategy across multiple platforms.
    Engaging industry experts: Interviews with industry professionals and integration of insights gained into blog posts and other content.
    Content maintenance: Regular website content updates, internal linking and other optimisation techniques.
    Social Media: Sharing content on social networks and managing engagement (comments and shares).
    Traffic analysis: Measuring web traffic to specific content and analysing metrics such as conversion and bounce rates to evaluate the effectiveness of content.
    Content Translation: Translate content created by other countries to ensure consistency and alignment with target markets.

    Technical skills:

    Mastery of content helper tools to optimise content creation processes.
    Ability to efficiently review lengthy content and ensure its accuracy and quality.
    Strong time management skills to meet deadlines and prioritise tasks effectively.
    Solid understanding of SEO principles and practices to optimise content for search engines.
    Interpersonal skills:

    Effective communication skills to convey information clearly and concisely.
    Adept writing skills in native language and proficiency in English.
    Team orientated mindset and ability to collaborate across departments to achieve common goals.
    Attention to market trends and insights to better understand and meet the needs of end users of products.
    Excellent interpersonal skills to build positive relationships with colleagues and external stakeholders.

    Based in: offices in Barcelona
    Internship duration: 6 months
    Gross remuneration per month: 500€
    Working hours per week: 40
    Possibility of being hired on a long-term basis

    Verschlagwortet als: Sales & Marketing

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