Start German Speaking Community Support Representative, German speaking

    German Speaking Community Support Representative, German speaking

    At Uber, providing amazing support that establishes trust for riders and driver partners – our community – is a core feature of our product experience. We invest in it and believe in providing the highest quality service executed in the most compelling, most efficient way. Community Support Representatives are all about helping and educating our users and partners.

    What you’ll do:
    Be a passionate advocate for riders and drivers while answering any questions that come your way
    Deliver high-quality service across multiple support platforms (email, chat, phone)
    Create loyalty among new users and get our early adopters to fall in love with Uber all over again
    Triage issues and escalate them when necessary

    Basic requirements
    Fluency in German
    Good English (B1/B2)
    Curiosity. You love learning how things work and you’re always looking for ways to innovate! You enjoy testing different support strategies and tracking the results
    Proficiency using computers (typing, quickly navigating between various tools)
    Excellent reading comprehension and writing skills. Ability to connect what users are asking for with answers to their true issues
    Passion for helping others and creating support experiences that exceed users‘ expectations
    Skills for handling multiple issues at once to efficiently resolve a number of inquiries
    Ability to work well in a team environment, contributing to a collaborative work environment where people learn from one another and continuously improve processes on behalf of users
    Amenable to work time that is shift based totaling 40 hours per week (on rotating shifts basis)
    A Bachelor’s degree or college experience preferred

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