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Our job board for German speakers who want to work abroad launches on 02 March 2020 (YAY!!!) Employers will be able to post jobs starting on 20 February 2020 (Don't worry – we will update all dates at the launch). We will offer a 50% discount on all job ads for our launch (Woop Woop!!). We have planned Google and social media ads as well as guest articles in popular German online magazines to make this a great launch! Obviously, we will also inform all of our impatient readers who have signed up to our newsletter.

What we have to offer

About us

Auslandskarriere ‘career abroad’ started in 2015. We now have between 46,000 to 79,000 page views per month and our community is growing every day. We were asked to start a job board both by our readers and countless companies. As we get ready for our job board launch, we could not be happier, that our community will soon be able to search for exciting jobs abroad directly through us.

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Our advantages

As Germany’s expat magazine, we have a lot to offer:

  • A strong community: Our readers want to live and work abroad. Your job ads will not be lost in a sea of other job ads.
  • Company Branding: We give companies the chance to present themselves with a big picture as well as a video.
  • 60 days instead of 30 days: The search for a candidate who has to relocate takes time. All job ads will therefore be online for a full 60 days – at no extra charge.
  • Launch strategy: Advertisements, social media, email list and guest contributions in other online magazines will help to promote our job board. Your job ad can only benefit from this.

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